History of space medicine: Academician Vasily V. Parin, founder of space cardiology

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History of space medicine: Academician Vasily V. Parin, founder of space cardiology

Anatoly I. Grigoriev1Roman –ú. Baevsky 1*

1 State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation, Institute of Biomedical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 123007, Russia, Moscow, 76A Khoroshevskoye Ch.

* Corresponding author:
   +7 (499) 193-62-44
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Russian Academician Vasily V. Parin was one of the leading world scientists in the field of physiology of blood circulation. In this article his role in the development of the space cardiology, an important area of space medicine, is considered. The development and use in space flights of such methods as the analysis of heart rate variability and seismocardiography, creation of the onboard medical equipment is connected with the name of Vasily V. Parin. The monography ‚ÄúSpace cardiology‚ÄĚ issued in 1967 by Vasily V. Parin with co-authors has dictated and governed the development of this key area in science for many years ahead. The article presents the basic results of cardiological researches in space in the 70-90-s and in the beginning of the 2000s when the space cardiology made its progress keeping the tendencies and traditions created by Vasily V. Parin in the 60s.


Anatoly I. Grigoriev, Roman M. Baevsky. History of space medicine: Academician Vasily V. Parin, founder of space cardiology; Cardiometry; No.2; May 2013; p.52-61; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2013.2.5261 Available from: http://www.cardiometry.net/issues/no2-may-2013/history-of-space-medicine


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