Editor in chief

Editor in chief

Vladimir A. Zernov

Rector of Scientific and Educational Institution ‚ÄúRussian New University‚ÄĚ, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Editor-in-Chief in open access scientific e-journal Cardiometry.

Born in January, 2, 1952 in Belgorod region (the former USSR).

1969 – 1978 Student, postgraduate of Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology.

1978 – 1985 Associate Professor of Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology.

1985 – 1990 Tutor, adviser of Government Department of Science and Education.

1991 – until now Rector of Russian New University (RosNOU).

1996 – until now Chairman of the Council of Association of Private Universities in Russia.

2002 – D.'s Dissertation

Prof. Zernov is one of the founders of the theory of cardiac cycle phase analysis, theory of cardiometry as a fundamentally new scientific field in cardiology. Prof. Zernov is one of the developers of the unique device for cardiovascular noninvasive diagnostics Cardiocode, using the principles of cardiometry and applying the proprietary software developed in Russia.

Fields of research: physics, biophysics, bioengineering, mathematical modeling in cardiology, including hemodynamics, biophysical and mathematical modeling, the performance of the human cardiovascular system, heart cycle phase analysis, cardiometry, cardiovascular system diagnostics with application of modern computer technologies including digital processing. Prof. Zernov supervised 6 doctoral and more than 20 postgraduate degrees.

Vladimir A. Zernov is an author of more than 100 scientific papers published in Russian and international journals; holder of 7 invention/discovery patents. Among his papers in the field of cardiometry the following should be highlighted:

  • Theoretical Principles of Heart Cycle Phase Analysis. ISBN 978-578-09470-0, Fouqu√© Literaturverlag. New York. (2011).
  • Patent No. 2282393. Method for cardiac cycle phase duration measurement and the device for its implementation. 2004.
  • Herzzyklus-Phasenanalyse und Diagnostik mit dem Geraet CARDIOCODE ‚Äď 1 (Teil I Elektrokardiographie). Wien: Wilhelm Maudrich, 2005
  • Patent No. 2345709. Method for rheogram synchronous recording using the ECG electrodes and the device for its implementation. Zernov V.A., et al. 2009.
  • Patent No. 74283. Device for ECG and Rheo recording. / Zernov V.A., et al. 2008.
  • Innovation in cardiology. A new diagnostic standard establishing criteria of quantitative and qualitative evaluation of main parameters of the cardiac and cardiovascular system according to ECG and Rheo based on cardiac cycle phase analysis. Nature Precedings. 2009.
  • Study of Hemodynamic Parameters Using Phase Analysis of the Cardiac Cycle. Biomedical Engineering. Volume 43, Number 4. 2009. p. 151-155.
  • WORLD CONGRESS OF CARDIOLOGY, Scientific Sessions 2010, Circulation Vol 122, No 2 July 13, 2010, —Ä. 2.
  • Fundamental Research on the Mechanism of Cardiovascular System Hemodynamics Self-Regulation and Determination of the Norm-Pathology Boundary for the Basic Hemodynamic Parameters and Analysis of the Compensation Mechanism as a Method of Revealing the Underlying Causes of the Disease. Heart Rhythm Vol. 9, Issue 11, Pages 1909-1910. November 2012.
  • Control of Cardiovascular System, The Cardiovascular System - Physiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Implications, Dr. David Gaze (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0534-3, (2012).
  • The Diagnostic Performance of Cardiovascular System and Evaluation of Hemodynamic Parameters Based on Heart Cycle Phase Analysis, The Cardiovascular System - Physiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Implications, (2012).
  • Biophysical Phenomena in Blood Flow System in the Process of Indirect Arterial Pressure Measurement, The Cardiovascular System - Physiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Implications, (2012).
  • Interrelation Between the Changes of Phase Functions of Cardiac Muscle Contraction and Biochemical Processes as an Algorithm for Identifying Local Pathologies in Cardiovascular System, The Cardiovascular System - Physiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Implications, (2012).

Prof. Zernov V.A. is a Chairman of the Council of Association of Private Universities in Russia, regional supervisor under Project ¬ęNational Innovation System¬Ľ supported by All-Russian political party UNITED RUSSIA¬Ľ; he is a Member of the Russian Public Council of Education Development, Member of Board of Trustees of the Association of Foreign Students in Russia. Prof. Zernov carries out active research in the field of improving the quality of education, including cardiological issues, integration of the Russian science in the international scientific and educational community. His interests also cover issues on influence of innovations on state and society, competitiveness of economy taking into consideration the level of development of science.

Contact details

Prof. Vladimir A. Zernov



Moscow, Radio st. 22

Tel/fax: +7 (495) 925-03-83

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The books presented further herein are published under the auspices of ‚ÄúThe Fund of Outstanding Scientific Discoveries‚ÄĚ. The books offer detailed descriptions of theory and practice of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of Physiology and Medicine, which have found a wide application and which make human life better.
Published in 2020. Cardiometry. Fundamentals of Theory and Practice
ISBN 978-5-86746-108-4
A detailed description of the theory is given and the most important criteria for cardiometric diagnostics are presented herein.

Published in 2020. The performance of the cardiovascular system in athletes. Cardiometric characteristics of physical capabilities in athletes’ performance before their sporting activities, in their sporting activities and upon ceasing them.
ISBN 978-5-86746-123-8
This is the first book defining the healthy heart. You can find everything to understand your own physical capabilities.

Published in 2007. Theoretical Principles of Heart Cycle Phase Analysis
ISBN 978-5-86746-125-4 (Russian version)
ISBN 978-3-937909-57-8 (English version)
The book deals with a new fundamental science: cardiometry, which becomes very popular due to its practical applicability.

Published in 2017. Leaflet: The one and only case in history of modern civilization: creating CARDIOMETRY, a new fundamental science. It’s a popular science essay to outline the discovery and the discoverers thereof.

Published in 2019. The paper by Russian mathematicians S.Chefranov and A.Chefranov is devoted to the new analytical solution of the 3D Navier-Stokes equation for compressible medium to clarify the sixth Millennium Prize problem.

Published in 2011. High-accuracy non-invasive measuring of main hemodynamics parameters.
ISBN 978-3-8465-1951-6
The book deals with some new approaches to solutions concerning introduction of a new point on ECG: it’s point L.

Published in 2012. The Cardiovascular System. Physiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Implications.
ISBN 978-953-51-0534-3
You can find four chapters written by the Cardiometry theory originators. One of the chapters treats a problem of measuring AP with a blood pressure cuff and describes the history of the fundamental scientific discovery.

Published in 2016. The Siege of Leningrad. Discoveries in Biology and Medicine.
ISBN 978-5-86746-126-2
The book presents unique data on Physiology in human individuals recorded under the siege of Leningrad during the World War II 1941-1945.

Released in 2004
Certificate of Discovery Registration issued in 1976
Periodic system of human organism states.
ISBN 5-86766-043-6
The periodic system table offers in detail the relevant characteristics of all the five adaptational reactions in a human organism: stress, reaction of training, reactions of calm and elevated activation and over-activation.

Published in 2006. Activation Therapy.
ISBN 5-7507-0179-4
The book provides for a detailed description of all the five adaptational reactions in a human organism: stress, reaction of training, reactions of calm and elevated activation and over-activation. It’s a New Age in health care. The only way to achieve effectiveness in medical treatment is to use the knowledge of the adaptational reactions in a human organism.
Medical equipment designed on the basis of the above mentioned fundamental discoveries
Diagnostics equipment for cardiology: PC-assisted device CARDIOCODE, designed and developed on the basis of the cardiometric technology. It’s an exclusive device capable of delivering unique data within 1 minute for the most accurate cardiovascular system diagnostics.

Unique effective pain- relief and treatment with the use of low-intensity electromagnetic field having some specific ECG wave frequencies: device Ezh-2 (Energy of Life -2). It’s the most efficient and powerful instrument for improvement of the immune system performance. Upon completion of five therapy sessions, the immune system demonstrates a three- or four-fold higher level in its performance.


Founders of a new fundamental science: Cardiometry





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