No.13 November 2018

No.13 November 2018

Cardiometric control & monitoring in therapy: instrument for treatment correction

Assessment of therapy quality

Our Journal’s quest for scientific frontiers leads to publications on hot topics in research, and the current Journal issue is supporting this general rule. Following this way, we are presenting hereby one of the hottest themes: Cardiology in Oncology. In this connection, it should be mentioned that it has been just Cardiometry that has been capable of assessing toxicity actions and effects produced both by a malignant tumor and anticancer therapy on the human hemodynamics and the cardiac muscle metabolic processes using the most advanced noninvasive Cardiocode device & technology. The pilot studies associated with these challenging research topics have been conducted by Russian researchers at the Rostov Research Institute of Oncology, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.


Cardiotoxicity: a challenge for modern oncology

Oleg I. Kit, Elena M. Frantsiyants, Elena A. Dzhenkova, Oksana V. Katelnitskaya, Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Aleksandr B. Sagakyants, Ekaterina V. Verenikina, Yuriy А. Gevorkyan, Yuriy А. Fomenko, Vladimir S. Trifanov, Aleksey N. Shevchenko

The article provides a modern vision of the problem of cardiotoxicity in oncology. Integrity and generality of nodal pathogenetic events in the body in case of carcinogenesis, antitumor therapy and cardiopathology are caused by similar mechanisms at different hierarchical levels. Identity of potential risk factors, including inflammation, aging, obesity, diabetes and smoking, has been noted.

Original research

The prospects for applications of cardiometric approach in evaluation of cardiotoxicity under Anthracyclines therapy in patients with breast cancer

Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Lyubov Y. Vladimirova, Natalia М. Tikhanovskaya, Yulia Y. Arapova, Tatiana P. Protasova, Elena А. Sycheva, Lyudmila А. Ryadinskaya, Aza А. Lyanova, Irina L. Popova, Natalia А. Abramova, Kristina А. Novoselova, Anna E. Storozhakova, Maria О. Ezhova, Yuliana S. Shatova, Aleksandr E. Lisutin, Viktoria V. Pozdnyakova, Irina R. Dashkova, Stella M. Babieva

The aim is to study the action and effects of antitumor polychemotherapy (PCT) with Anthracyclines on the cardiovascular system performance in primary oncological patients with breast cancer (BC).


Motion of blood formed elements in a pulsatile hemodynamic flow

Vladimir I. Timoshenko, Nikolay N. Chernov

This paper offers some results obtained in our studies on the motion of individual formed elements in blood with due regard of a pulsatile flow of the plasma in the blood vessels. An analysis of the process of the motion of the blood particles having different shapes in a pressure wave variable field of the pressure wave has been completed herein.

Original research

Actions and effects of malignant tumor growth and chronic neurogenic pain exerted on the glutathione system in cardiac mitochondria in experimental animals

Irina V. Neskubina, Elena М. Frantsiyants, Ekaterina I. Surikova, Irina V. Kaplieva, Lyubov К. Trepitaki, Lyudmila А. Nemashkalova, Yulia A. Pogorelova, Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Galina V. Zhukova, Pavel N. Anistratov, Viktoria L. Volkova, Natalia А. Chertova, Oksana Е. Zhenilo, Anna А. Cherkasova, Olga G. Selezneva

The aim hereof is to study the glutathione system peculiarities in the cardiac mitochondria in experimental animals against the background of a tumor process, chronic pain and the combined effect both of chronic pain and the tumor process.


Cardiometry in oncology: new digital possibilities for analyzing the cardiovascular system state in cancer patients

Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Mikhail Y. Rudenko, Vladimir А. Zernov, Elena М. Frantsiyants, Elena А. Dzhenkova, Lyubov Y. Vladimirova, Lyudmila Y. Rozenko, Dmitriy A. Rozenko, Nailya К. Guskova, Larisa N. Vaschenko, Yulia Y. Arapova, Tatiana P. Protasova, Elena А. Shirnina, Tatiana А. Barteneva, Marina А. Gusareva, Vitaly I. Voshedsky, Inna V. Pavlyatenko

The new high-tech era begins not with supply of an innovative product to the market, but rather with an intellectual leap in the field of open issues in fundamental engineering, healthcare and education. In the present essay, an example of the successful translation of mathematical, physics- and engineering-related philosophy into the digital platform of Cardiometry is discussed. The theory of hemodynamics, the laws of axiomatics, logic and adaptation can be expressed in terms of mathematics. The original analytical software used in PC-assisted device Cardiocode allows carrying out a phase analysis of the hemodynamics within an extended range.

Original research

Effect of slow coronary flow on signal-averaged electrocardiogram

Hossein Nough, Elahe Rafiei khoshnood, Aryan Naghedi, Leila Hadiani, Mohammad Vahid Jorat

The slow flow coronary or decreased coronary TIMI flow rate is characterized by delayed pacification of coronary vessels in the absence of any evidence of obstruction coronary artery disease and is detected by coronary angiography. In the present study, we aimed to evaluate the effects of slow coronary artery flow on signal-averaged electrocardiogram (SAECG) as a possible indicator of increased risk for ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death.

Original research

The state of free-radicals procceses in cardiomyocytes in rats under the action of Doxorubicin and protection by Preductal

Oleg I. Kit, Elena M. Frantsiyants, Irina V. Neskubina, Ekaterina I. Surikova, Elena V. Shalashnaya, Lyudmila A. Nemashkalova, Natalia D. Cheryarina, Olga V. Kozyuk, Yulia A. Pogorelova, Larisa S. Kozlova, Valeria A. Bandovkina, Irina V. Kaplieva, Lidia K. Trepitaki, Roman E. Myagkov, Mikhail А. Kozhushko, Sergey V. Sanamyants, Mikhail А. Averkin, Roman Е. Tolmakh

The aim of our research work was to investigate the state of the lipid peroxidation system – the antioxidant protection system (LPO-AOS) in heart tissue in rats received either Doxorubicin alone or in combination with Preductal premedication.

Original research

Assessment of the efficacy of a peroral anticoagulant after surgical resection of gastric cancer

Oksana V. Katelnitskaya, Oleg I. Kit, Igor I. Katelnitsky, Maksim N. Duritsky, Nailya K. Guskova, Petr N. Gabrichidze, Viktoria R. Zakharchenko, Aleksandr V. Snezhko, Yuriy А. Przhedetskiy, Sergey I. Poluektov, Alla V. Pustovalova

Patients suffering from gastric cancer have a high risk of postoperative thrombotic complications and often use anticoagulants. Direct oral anticoagulants absorb in the proximal region of the digestive tract. Consequently, a reduction in anticoagulating activity is possible. In the present research given is an evaluation of the anti-Xa activity upon administration of Rivaroxaban at a fixed dose of 20 mg once daily in oncological patients after gastrectomy or cases of extensive resection of the stomach.


Functional state of the blood coagulation system in postsurgery period in patients with malignant tumors of the GI tract

Oksana V. Katelnitskaya, Oleg I. Kit, Nailya K. Guskova, Kristina А. Avanesova, Igor I. Katelnitsky, Dmitry S. Petrov, Aleksandr V. Shaposhnikov, Sergey N. Dimitriadi, Anna V. Chubaryan, Dmitry V. Burtsev, Yulia N. Krokhmal, Ekaterina О. Vasilieva

The present paper analyzes changes in coagulation system markers in 64 patients with malignant tumors of the GI in surgical treatment. Results obtained when using parameters of the expanded coagulogram and a new global hemostatic assessment test with the use of Thrombodynamics recorder T2 have been evaluated. Based on the findings, we have developed models for predicting postoperative venous thrombosis and compared different methods for the coagulation system examinations.

Original research

The state of hydrolytic processes in the myocardium and its draining lymphocytes in rats under the effect of Doxorubicin under protective Trimetazidine premedication

Elena М. Frantsiyants, Ekaterina I. Surikova, Irina V. Kaplieva, Lidia K. Trepitaki, Irina V. Neskubina, Elena V. Shalashnaya, Valeria A. Bandovkina, Larisa S. Kozlova, Yulia A. Pogorelova, Lyudmila A. Nemashkalova, Natalia D. Cheryarina, Irina S. Tavaryan, Olga V. Kozyuk, Lyudmila Y. Rozenko, Pavel G. Sakun, Vladimir S. Trifanov

The aim hereof is to study the activity of cathepsin D (CatD), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) and acid phosphatase (AP), the antitryptic activity (ATA) of acid-stable inhibitors (ASI) in rats in heart tissue and its draining lymphocytes under introduction of Doxorubicin and protection with Trimetazidine.

Original research

Disorders of the cardiovascular system performance in the early post-castration period in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer and their correction with the low-dose xenon therapy

Alla I. Shikhlyarova , Natalia N. Popova, Anna P. Menshenina, Yulia Y. Arapova, Tatiana P. Protasova, Andrey А. Korobov, Andrey V. Yakushin, Larisa N. Vaschenko, Dmitry А. Burtsev, Olga V. Khokhlova, Viktoria Y. Przhedetskaya, Viktoria А. Ivanova

The aim hereof is to study the cardiovascular system disorders in the early post-castration period in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer and a possibility of correction of such disorders with the low-dose xenon therapy.

Case report

Ruptured mycotic hepatic artery aneurysm associated with methicillin sensitive staphylococcal endocarditis

Hamidreza Varastehravan, Hasan Salmanroghani, Aryan Naghedi

Hemobilia is a rare cause of upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Classical presentations of hemobilia are biliary colic, jaundice, hematochezia and melena. Persistent bleeding sometimes requires urgent therapeutic intervention, such as angiographic intervention or surgery. It may be secondary to trauma, inflammatory disorders, gallstones or tumors. Hepatic artery aneurysm rupture is a rare cause of gastrointestinal bleeding.

Original research

Features of the psychosomatic state in lung cancer patients and psychopathophysiological aspects of cardiovascular diseases

Galina V. Zhukova, Alla I. Shikhlyarova, Natalia М. Maschenko, Elena А. Shirnina, Mikhail S. Zinkovich, Tamara G. Airapetova, Pavel А. Anistratov, Lyudmila Y. Rozenko, Larisa N. Vaschenko, Dmitry V. Burtsev, Marina А. Gusareva, Olga V. Kozyuk, Aleksey N. Shevchenko

The aim hereof is a comprehensive study of the mental, adaptive and hormonal status in patients with lung cancer with varying prevalence of the malignant process. The obtained results are compared with data on the psychosomatic state and subclinical disorders in the thyroid system in patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Some current trends of the use of non-linear time-frequency filtering approach to ECG signal processing are discussed herein. A brief review of an application potentiality of non-linear filtration is offered for long-term ECG signal processing. Possible problems of long-term monitoring, related to measurements interference and noise of ECG signal, are revealed. To eliminate the revealed problems, in further research, an implementation of a processing system using the non-linear-threshold time-frequency filtering method is planned. It is expected to improve an accuracy of cardiac data processing considering features of interference and measurement noise of different intensity.

Short report

Metabolic processes evaluation in cardiac muscles on the basis of cardiometry

Vladimir A. Zernov, Konstantin K. Mamberger, Dmitry F. Makedonsky, Sergey M. Rudenko

The article briefly discusses the cardiometric approach to the evaluation of metabolic processes in cardiac muscle. Reactions occurring during the various phases of the cardiac cycle, primarily in the QRS complex, are shown. The dynamics of energy processes occurring before and after physical load, as well as the reactions occurring during it, are presented. The ECG derivative is used.

On November 10-12, 2018, the American Heart Association (AHA) annual conference was held in Chicago (Illinois, USA)

The three-day conference was attended by several thousand doctors, developers of medical equipment, entrepreneurs and other experts in the field of cardiology from around the world. The representative of Russia, namely the researcher of the Russian New University Kamyshev K.V., also took an active part therein.


The books presented further herein are published under the auspices of “The Fund of Outstanding Scientific Discoveries”. The books offer detailed descriptions of theory and practice of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of Physiology and Medicine, which have found a wide application and which make human life better.
Published in 2020. Cardiometry. Fundamentals of Theory and Practice
ISBN 978-5-86746-108-4
A detailed description of the theory is given and the most important criteria for cardiometric diagnostics are presented herein.

Published in 2020. The performance of the cardiovascular system in athletes. Cardiometric characteristics of physical capabilities in athletes’ performance before their sporting activities, in their sporting activities and upon ceasing them.
ISBN 978-5-86746-123-8
This is the first book defining the healthy heart. You can find everything to understand your own physical capabilities.

Published in 2007. Theoretical Principles of Heart Cycle Phase Analysis
ISBN 978-5-86746-125-4 (Russian version)
ISBN 978-3-937909-57-8 (English version)
The book deals with a new fundamental science: cardiometry, which becomes very popular due to its practical applicability.

Published in 2017. Leaflet: The one and only case in history of modern civilization: creating CARDIOMETRY, a new fundamental science. It’s a popular science essay to outline the discovery and the discoverers thereof.

Published in 2019. The paper by Russian mathematicians S.Chefranov and A.Chefranov is devoted to the new analytical solution of the 3D Navier-Stokes equation for compressible medium to clarify the sixth Millennium Prize problem.

Published in 2011. High-accuracy non-invasive measuring of main hemodynamics parameters.
ISBN 978-3-8465-1951-6
The book deals with some new approaches to solutions concerning introduction of a new point on ECG: it’s point L.

Published in 2012. The Cardiovascular System. Physiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Implications.
ISBN 978-953-51-0534-3
You can find four chapters written by the Cardiometry theory originators. One of the chapters treats a problem of measuring AP with a blood pressure cuff and describes the history of the fundamental scientific discovery.

Published in 2016. The Siege of Leningrad. Discoveries in Biology and Medicine.
ISBN 978-5-86746-126-2
The book presents unique data on Physiology in human individuals recorded under the siege of Leningrad during the World War II 1941-1945.

Released in 2004
Certificate of Discovery Registration issued in 1976
Periodic system of human organism states.
ISBN 5-86766-043-6
The periodic system table offers in detail the relevant characteristics of all the five adaptational reactions in a human organism: stress, reaction of training, reactions of calm and elevated activation and over-activation.

Published in 2006. Activation Therapy.
ISBN 5-7507-0179-4
The book provides for a detailed description of all the five adaptational reactions in a human organism: stress, reaction of training, reactions of calm and elevated activation and over-activation. It’s a New Age in health care. The only way to achieve effectiveness in medical treatment is to use the knowledge of the adaptational reactions in a human organism.
Medical equipment designed on the basis of the above mentioned fundamental discoveries
Diagnostics equipment for cardiology: PC-assisted device CARDIOCODE, designed and developed on the basis of the cardiometric technology. It’s an exclusive device capable of delivering unique data within 1 minute for the most accurate cardiovascular system diagnostics.

Unique effective pain- relief and treatment with the use of low-intensity electromagnetic field having some specific ECG wave frequencies: device Ezh-2 (Energy of Life -2). It’s the most efficient and powerful instrument for improvement of the immune system performance. Upon completion of five therapy sessions, the immune system demonstrates a three- or four-fold higher level in its performance.


Founders of a new fundamental science: Cardiometry


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