Artificial heart creation: what problems are to be solved?

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Artificial heart creation: what problems are to be solved?

Vladimir A. Zernov1*

1 Russian New University
Russia 105005 Moscow, Radio str. 22

* Corresponding author:
  +7 (8634) 312-403
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Attempts to create an artificial heart were highlighted by our journal one year ago. Now we can say that there is no break-through news in this field: no technological progress, no pioneering research and no spectacular advancements are reported. An imperfect understanding of the cardiovascular system performance hinders any progress in the R&D activities aimed at the artificial heart creation. But from our point of view, all the existing design & engineering difficulties can be mastered. However in this connection another question comes to mind: is it reasonable in principle to design and produce an artificial heart?


Vladimir A. Zernov. Artificial heart creation: what problems are to be solved?; Cardiometry; No.6; May 2015; p.18-21; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2015.6.1821 Available from:


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