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The present issue of the journal is devoted to the problems of arrhythmias in cardiology. We have the pleasure of bringing to your notice a new theory of arrhythmia. The conventional approaches to the explanation of arrhythmia causes are widely known. However, they may lead to conflicting conclusions. From our point of view, the authors of the new theory of arrhythmia presented by us substantiate logically an important role of anastomoses in changing the hemodynamic pattern that initiate heart rhythm abnormalities. It is of significance that the originators of this novel theory give proof to their conceptual ideas in practice. We are happy to state that the basis for their discoveries is the scientific field of cardiometry. The discoverers have opened up fresh opportunities to master cardiometry, and their success is the best witness thereto.

In addition to a general review of theoretical fundamentals of arrhythmias, our Reader can find a description of one more mechanism of arrhythmia, namely, electromechanical interaction between cardiac myocyte and fibroblast cells. We hope both theories will be useful for a practitioner for the purpose of diagnostics of his patients in his everyday’s work.

The materials presented herein contain pioneering research results, and we are sure that it is just the first step on the way to further novelties. We think the fresh look at the arrhythmia problems can offer much promise and unveil its full potential both in theory and practice.

Good luck in further research!

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