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The aim of this article is a comprehensive review of the publications during the last decade in order to evaluate…

The paper reveals logical relationships between events, facts and results of research studies and exemplary materials of practical applications of…

A shortcoming common to all existing designs of mechanical cardiac valve prostheses is an increased trombogenicity caused, among other factors,…

Problems of validation and verification are very critical in medicine. The absence of adequate models describing biophysical processes in the…

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Needless to say, the idea of our Journal is to offer most exclusive research papers on problems associated with investigations of the human cardiovascular system. We are happy to state that the popularity of our Journal throughout in the world has been growing steadily. We believe the foundation for our success has been laid by the results achieved by our authors, and it is applicable both to theory and practice. The theories presented in the papers have valuable use and advantages in practical activities.

But we are going ahead with our plans: the topics in Cardiometry No.12 cover biological rhythms and their effects produced on the performance of the cardiovascular system. The researchers who have introduced their articles in the latest issue of our Journal submit us their enthralling data and findings. Biological rhythms existing in our organism are governed by nature. Our intention has been to provide a platform to scientists from different research areas for discussion of the topics offering fresh approaches to some conceptual ideas.

In doing so, we should mention that a biological rhythmicity pattern is an intrinsic property of a cardiac cycle, too. The cardiac rhythmicity displays certain regularities and generalities that remains the subject of keen interest for many experts. Let’s hope the research papers published herein would contribute to further outstanding achievements in science.

Take your chance of success in further exploration of this topical issue.

Editorial Board

Our book in WoS™ Core Collection

We are glad to inform you that the book "Theoretical principles of heart cycle phase analysis" written by researchers from Russian New University has been accepted and indexed in The Book Citation Index in Web of Science™ Core Collection


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