Socio-cultural factors of human surviving under the conditions of the Leningrad blockade

Original research

Socio-cultural factors of human surviving under the conditions of the Leningrad blockade

Vitaly S. Polikarpov1*Elena V. Polikarpova1Valentina A. Polikarpova1

1 Southern Federal University
Russia, 344006, Rostov-on-Don, Bolshaya Sadovaya st. 105

* Corresponding author:
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The aim of the article is to show the significance of the axiological approach in explaining the place of socio-cultural factors, such as social status, ethical values and art, in survival of human population under the conditions of the Leningrad blockade, which reveal in a new methodological viewpoint the significance of the fundamental discoveries, made by Soviet scientists, still underestimated, in biology and medicine.

Materials and methods

In this article the following theoretical tools are applied: a widely used in science neurobiological approach; a new approach to the nature of art as a means of human survival; a cosmological model of the «world of many worlds»; a concept of space ethics and the corrected «hierarchy of needs” by A. Maslow. The axiological approach is chosen as the methodology and logic of the scientific research, which is, in its turn, a component of the modern scientific cognition that makes possible to show the significance of socio-cultural factors of human survival in extreme situations.


For the first time in the philosophical literature, the role of socio-cultural factors as a methodological and logical explanation of scientific discoveries in biology and medicine during the Leningrad blockade is shown, which makes it possible to reveal the significance of these factors under the conditions of the growth of occurrence rate of contemporary extreme situations. For the first time a hypothesis has been put forward, according to which the diversity of the systems of ethical values of human society is rooted in the depths of the Multiverse.


It is suggested to use the results of discoveries in biology and medicine dated back to the Leningrad blockade together with the revealed mechanisms of such socio-cultural factors as social status, ethical and artistic values, which represent the concentrated aesthetics, for human survival under extreme situations of the modern world.


Vitaly S. Polikarpov, Elena V. Polikarpova, Valentina A. Polikarpova. Socio-cultural factors of human surviving under the conditions of the Leningrad blockade. Cardiometry; Issue 11; November 2017; p.102–107; DOI: 10.12710/cardio­metry.2017.11.102107; Available from:­ber-2017/socio-cultural-factors-of-human-surviving



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