Digital heart rate diagnostics


Digital heart rate diagnostics

Igor Yavelov1*, Anatoly Zholobov1, Andrey Rochagov1, Yevgeny Yuganov1

1 Federal State Budgetary Institution of Science Institute of Mechanical Engineering. A. A. Blagonravova of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMASH RAS)

2 Joint-stock company "RASU"
Russia, 193340, Moscow, Bardina str. 4

* Corresponding author:
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Heart rate diagnostics based on tactile sensations has been known for over 5 thousand years. Medieval doctors used it and modern doctors use it. With the advent of the Marei arteriograph in 1860, heart rate waves became possible to observe, creating visual images, and subsequently analyze them using a computer in digital form. However, in this way, the main obstacle remains the imperfection of the sensors, allowing you to receive only weak and noisy signals with a large number of artifacts. In practice, heart rate wave sensors are produced only by Millar (USA), Omron (Japan), and the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RF). This article summarizes the experience of studying heart rate waves by IMASH RAS since 1990. Systematization of the results led to an attempt to create the basis of digital heart rate diagnostics, which will make it easier for doctors to make a diagnosis based on methods of modern information technologies.


Igor Yavelov, Anatoly Zholobov, Andrey Rochagov, Yevgeny Yuganov. Digital heart rate diagnostics. Cardiometry; Issue 15; November 2019; p.43-48; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2019.15.4348; Available from:


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