Acid alkaline balance Acupoints Acupuncture Adaptation Adaptation abilities Adaptation mechanisms Aging Algorithm Antiarrhythmic Aortic stenosis Aortic valve Aortic valve replacement Arrythmia Arterial pressure Artificial heart Ascending aorta AT1R Atrial fibrillation Autonomic regulation Ballistocardiography Baroreceptors Beta blockers Bicuspid aortic valve Biochemical processes Biophysics Blood circulation Blood flow Blood flow structure Blood pressure Bloodstream Body microoscillations Bu reenforcing method Burn shock Cardiac contractility Cardiac cycle Cardiac disease prevention Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging Cardiac output Cardiac rhythms Cardiac volume Cardiocode Cardioeigenoscopy Cardiogenic shock Cardiology Cardiometry Cardiorespiratory system Cardiovascular diagnostics Cardiovascular system Center of body gravity Chi energy Chinese CANON of CHANGES Circulatory collapse Classification Complementary and alternative medicine Control numbers Cyclic codes Degree of tension Diastolic Diet Dissipative centrifugal instability Ear photopletismogram ECG ECG derivative ECG standartization Ecological stress Ecosan Encephalopathies Endomyocardial biopsy Enhanced external counterpulsation Error Error corrections ETAR Evidence based medicine Familial Fingerprinting Flecainide Friction resistance Functional reserves Functional state Gene Gerontology Gua Figures Health Heart cycle phase analysis Heart cycle phases Heart flow rate Heart muscles Heart rate variability Heart transplantation Helicity Hemodynamics HLA antibodies Home medicine Hydrodynamic stability Hypertension Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Hypokinesia Hypovolemia Iatrogenic complications Impedance cardiography Instability Intraventricular blood flow Isolation L carnitine Left ventricle Left ventricular hypertrophy Left ventricular outflow tract obstruction Linear hydrodynamic instability LombScargle periodogram methods Mars 500 Measurement Measurement equation Measurement errors Mechanical aortic valve prosthesis Mechanical circulatory support Medical investigations Metabolic processes Metabolism Metrology Microgravity Minute volume Mission to Mars Mortality Myocardial infarction Myocardium Nonequilibrium Non HLA antibodies Noninvasive analyzer Noninvasive physiological signal recording Nonstationary flow Orbital station Pediatric patients Phase analysis Phase related changes Physical and mathematical model Pipe flow Point j Point L Point M1 Point M2 Point S Point Z Poyedintsev Voronova equations Preflight training Prenosological Prenosological diagnose Probabilistic assessment Qi energy QRS complex Recovery of the functional reserve Redundancy Refractory angina pectoris Research Reversible left ventricle hypertrophy Rheogram Right ventricular dysplasia Risk category Risk of disease Rotating superfluid helium RR intervals Science methodology Scientific research philosophy Seismocardiography Selfregulation Severe heart failure Simulated space flight Sleep Sleep quality Sodium chloride Sodium dietary Space experiment Space medicine Space mission Space technologies Spatial ballistocardiogramm Spectral analysis Spiral vortex flow Strain degree Stress Stroke volume Structure Sudden cardiac death Surface friction Symbolic dynamics Syndrome decoding Systolic Telemedicine The Fick method Thermodilution Time parameters Tornadolike swirling flows Tornado like vortex flow Torsional oscillation Traditional Chinese medicine Transplantation Treatment quality Uncertainty Validation Vasculopathy Ventricular assist device Ventricular tachycardia Verification Viscous incompressible fluid Vortex asymmetry Vortex flow Wave j Wavelet transform Wolff Parkinson White syndrome Xie reducing method Zhenjiu therapy

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