New philosophy of validation and verification for cardiology: classical proof theory imported from natural sciences

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Original research

New philosophy of validation and verification for cardiology: classical proof theory imported from natural sciences

Mikhail Y. Rudenko1Goran Krstacic2*

1 Russian New University, 105005, Russia, Moscow, Radio str., 22
2 Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases and Rehabilitation, 10 000, Croatia, Zagreb, Draskoviceva 13

* Corresponding author:
   +385 (1) 461-23-46
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Problems of validation and verification are very critical in medicine. The absence of adequate models describing biophysical processes in the organism leads to using only practical evidence for these purposes that hinders innovations. But advances in medicine require new effective ways to solve these problems. Cardiometry as a new field in cardiology offers a new philosophy of validation and verification based on the classical proof theory borrowed from natural sciences. The aim hereof is to provide a new methodology for validation and verification for cardiovascular diagnostics.

Materials and methods

Axiomatic concepts based on new laws and rules allow applying direct and indirect methods of proof for validation and verification in medicine.


The formulated laws of cardiometry provide reliable tools for verification of the correspondence between the cardiac signals and the real biophysical processes in the cardiovascular system.


The proposed methodology for verification of the correspondence between the ECG shapes and the relevant biophysical processes has been successfully developed exclusively as a result of creation of the comprehensive theory of cardiac cycle phase analysis being the basis of cardiometry. Progress in cardiology is badly affected by the absence of an adequate cardiac cycle phase concept so that a lot of inconsistencies have been accumulated therein. It has been just the logics imported to the theoretical analysis methods of cardiology and supported by a new knowledge of the cardiac cycle phase structure that allows us to originally apply the natural science proof philosophy to cardiology.


Mikhail Y. Rudenko, Goran Krstacic. New philosophy of validation and verification for cardiology: classical proof theory imported from natural sciences; Cardiometry; No.4; May 2014; p.16-30; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2014.4.1630 Available from:



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