Open letter to scientific schools at universities

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Open letter to scientific schools at universities

Dear Colleagues!

Our scientific school “Research of cardiovascular system hemodynamics” has been working for more than 10 years at the Russian New University, Moscow, Russia ( As a result, we have created CARDIOMETRY, a fundamentally new scientific field in cardiology.

Practical implementation of our scientific advancements also allowed achieving outstanding results (

The CARDIOMETRY is being actively developed. Several theses on medicine and medical instrument engineering were successfully defended. Nevertheless there are a lot of topics for more profound studies that can be conducted in the framework of further thesis. The area of the research is concentrated in our “ECG phase changes periodic table” requiring a more intensive and wider investigation.

We think that mutual efforts of our scientists and postgraduate students of your university can lead to great results and contribute to the development of the CARDIOMETRY.

If you are interested in scientific collaboration, we are prepared to offer the most advanced topics for theses and postgraduate student research supervision.

Let’s hope for a fruitful cooperation with you!

Russian New University

Our book in WoS™ Core Collection

We are glad to inform you that the book "Theoretical principles of heart cycle phase analysis" written by researchers from Russian New University has been accepted and indexed in The Book Citation Index in Web of Science™ Core Collection



Russian New University

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