In honor and remembrance of Vladimir Borisovich Alekseyev (19.08.1933 - 01.03.2013)

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In honor and remembrance of Vladimir Borisovich Alekseyev (19.08.1933 - 01.03.2013)

Vladimir B. AlekseevVladimir Borisovich Alekseyev died. Cosmonaut and researcher, he was a legend. He came to the Cosmonaut Training Center on April 12, 1967 to the first group of cosmonauts. The group, he worked at, was focused on the performance of certain special tasks in space. However, it must be such a fate, his personal space mission was not on agenda. Having great experience and knowledge in all problems of cosmonaut training, Alekseyev realized that the key issue is the physical training of a human at a space mission. Despite a lot of institutions were involved in solving this issue, he, as an engineer, has made a great contribution to the understanding of the problem of the human presence in space.

When the programs he participated in were postponed, and later even cancelled, he took an active part in the study of problems of human survival under extreme conditions and the rehabilitation of cosmonauts returning from orbit. The intuition of a scientist allowed him to understand the systemic issues of the organism performance and realize in practice the electropunctural diagnostics and correction of cosmonauts functional state. One of the devices developed by him was used in the space station. It was used unofficially, but it was just the case with the use of that device that made possible to save several human space mission programs, being on the brink of collapse because of the cosmonauts’ health problems.

Following the initiative by V. Alekseyev and under his personal participation, in 1980, a group of scientists was formed and created a new scientific field, the theory of hemodynamics. Later they developed the theory of heart cycle phase analysis. Both theories became the basis of CARDIOMETRY, a science of measurements in cardiology. It is precisely the science our journal is dedicated to.

Alekseyev’s scientific talent and energy of his enthusiasm were not fully used on the work in the cosmonauts’ group. And in the film, which was shot in his memory, he was called "a scientist whose life was classified top secret".

The team of scientists created CARDIOMETRY will always remember that the founder of this field of science was a fine man, a researcher and intellectual, Vladimir Borisovich Alekseyev.

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