Dear reader!

Dear reader!

We have decided to dedicate this issue to discussing sports medicine topics, namely, to defining what is the healthy heart performance. We are glad to present some fresh papers considering these problems of physiology in sports from the standpoint of cardiometry: the material is an integral part of a new book, which will be published within the nearest future. It is really a paradox: there are no unanimously accepted criteria to define the healthy heart performance in the relevant reference literature, and according to the existing inconsistent approach thereto in sports, any athlete may be reported as unhealthy. Therefore our idea is to clearly differentiate a healthy status and formulate applicable criteria for this case. Moreover, we think, becoming a world champion with maintaining health in the athlete is a power of not only controlling actions and effects produced by physical exercise on the athlete’s organism, but also a capability of properly predicting the high performance output, or result. And it is just our material published herein that can offer a key to unlock this door.

It should be noted it is our usual subject to honor contributions of outstanding scientists: our reader will find in this issue our summary and cordial words on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of Mr. Vyacheslav M. Tyutyunnik: we have presented his achievements in science, Nobelistics and propagation of the Nobel’s ideas to advance science.

Another tradition is to introduce young scientists, undegraduate or graduate students, who can offer their practical results in the area of cardiometry.

We are pleased to welcome some fresh papers in this issue, which propose original approaches to biomedical signal processing: you’ll find some riveting materials herein!

One more line in the journal is to publish papers, which give new interpretation of data obtained in classical cardiology with the conventional methods.

Dear Reader, we submit to your kind attention our report on participation of our journal’s team in the ESC Congress & World Congress of Cardiology 2019 in Paris. Our journal’s team has enjoyed using the opportunity to promote our journal activities and attract as many followers as possible from the research society.

We think you, our esteemed Reader, have also a good chance to submit your papers to our international public, why not? Just try it! And our Editorial Board wishes success to everybody!

Sincerely Yours,
Editorial Board

Our book in WoS™ Core Collection

We are glad to inform you that the book "Theoretical principles of heart cycle phase analysis" written by researchers from Russian New University has been accepted and indexed in The Book Citation Index in Web of Science™ Core Collection


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