Bio-liquid morphological analysis

The article aims at describing the theoretical principles of cardiometry as a fundamentally new scientific field which enables the accurate…

Criteria of identification of individual heart cycle phases according to an ECG curve are described in this paper.

The article considers the development of the periodic table of ECG phase changes which should reflect the variety of the…

The aim of the study is to select an effective method of system recovery of the organism for space pre-flight…

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To better highlight some topical aspects of the issue we republish the following article: S.N. Shatokhina, V.N. Shabalin, M.E. Buzoverya, and V.T. Punin, “Bio-Liquid Morphological Analysis,” TheScientificWorldJOURNAL, vol. 4, pp. 657–661, 2004. DOI:10.1100/tsw.2004.118 All necessary written permissions from the authors (Copyright © 2004 S.N. Shatokhina et al.) and the publisher (Hindawi Limited) are obtained according to the recommendations of the IMCJE on acceptable secondary publication at

Bio-liquid morphological analysis

S.N. Shatokhina1  V.N. Shabalin1  M.E. Buzoverya2*  V.T. Punin2

1 Scientific-Research Institute of Gerontology, Ministry of Health
Russia, 129226, Moscow, Leonova 1st st., 16

1 Russian Federal Nuclear Center, All-Russia Scientific-Research Institute of Experimental Physics
Russia, 607188, Sarov, Mira av., 37

* Corresponding author:
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Information is presented on the new scientific line in medicine and biology: bio-liquid morphology. The interdisciplinary character of the given research area is emphasized. The problems and prospects of bio-liquid morphological analysis development both in applied and fundamental aspects are discussed.


S.N. Shatokhina, V.N. Shabalin, M.E. Buzoverya, V.T. Punin. Bio-liquid morphological analysis. Cardiometry; Issue 11; November 2017; p.109–112; Republishing. Available from:­ber-2017/bio-liquid- morphological-analysis


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