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Analysis of the cardiovascular system performance in long-living individuals

* Corresponding author

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The paper presents some interesting data and findings on the study of the performance of the cardiovascular system in long-living individuals aged over 90. In this case, highland area individuals of this class are compared with those in flatland areas. For the purpose of the study, the cardiometric technology has been used that allows identifying age-related features in the said long-liver cohorts. The conclusions thereupon reveal the features of an individual age-related state, the assessment of which may find practical applications by researchers involved in gerontology.


Аleksander A. Lotarev, Mikhail Y. Rudenko. Analysis of the cardiovascular system performance in long-living individuals; Cardiometry; No. 10 May 2017; p.7–16; 10.12710/cardiometry.2017.10.716; Available from: www.cardiometry.net/issues/no10-may-2017/long-living-individuals


Gerontology,  Cardiovascular system,  Hemodynamics,  Metabolic processes,  ECG,  Rheogram,  Stress index
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