Relation of antistress and geroprotective effects of deuterium depleted water in aging female rats

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Original research

Relation of antistress and geroprotective effects of deuterium depleted water in aging female rats

Oleg I. Kit1Alla I. Shikhliarova1Galina V. Zhukova1*Stepan S. Dzhimak2Mikhail G. Barishev2Tatiana A. Kurkina1Elena A. Shirnina1Tatiana P. Protasova1

1 Rostov Research Institute of Oncology
Russia, 344037, Rostov-on-Don, 14th line str. 63

1 Kuban State University
Russia, 350040, Krasnodar, Stavropolskaya str. 149

* Corresponding author:
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The use of deuterium depleted water (DDW) in a dosing regimen of 25-30 ml per day for five weeks in aging female rats (20-22 months) contributed to the overall correction of age-related disorders of the adaptive status, estrous cycle regulation and nonspecific resistance, as well as the appearance of visually distinct signs of rejuvenation of the animals. The obtained results show the relation between the geroprotective effect of DDW and the development of the general nonspecific antistress adaptation reactions of calm and elevated activation that can serve as an experimental basis for the development of an effective method of geriatrics and prevention of cardiovascular diseases and degenerative processes in women in the peri- and postmenopausal period.


Oleg I. Kit, Alla I. Shikhliarova, Galina V. Zhukova, Stepan S. Dzhimak, Mikhail G. Barishev, Tatiana A. Kurkina, Elena A. Shirnina, Tatiana P. Protasova. Relation of antistress and geroprotective effects of deuterium depleted water in aging female rats. Cardiometry; No.10; May 2017; p.35–42; DOI: 10.12710/cardiometry.2017.10.3542; Available online:



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