Wavelet transform procedure as the basis for complete automatic interpretation of the cardiac cycle phase structure

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Original research

Wavelet transform procedure as the basis for complete automatic interpretation of the cardiac cycle phase structure

Vladimir N. Fedorov1*Konstantine K. Mamberger2

1 Southern Federal University, 347922, Russia, Taganrog, Chekhova str., 2, building 1
2 Russian New University, 105005, Russia, Moscow, Radio str., 22

* Corresponding author:
   +7 (8634) 31-24-03
  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The article aims at describing the basic principles of cardiometry – a fundamentally new scientific field which enables the accurate measurement of cardiovascular system parameters.

Materials and methods

Cardiometry is based on the mathematical model of hemodynamic processes. The model is described by G. Poyedintsev and O. Voronova equations. The variable values in these equations are the cardiac cycle phase durations recorded on the ECG.


An innovative mathematical model of hemodynamics providing the creation of an innovative indirect method of cardiovascular system parameters measurement was developed. The ECG processing is performed by means of the wavelet transform for detecting the boundaries of the cardiac cycle phases.


The innovative method of cardiovascular system diagnostics enables to measure 7 main hemodynamic parameters using noninvasive technology for qualitative evaluation of 12 functions of cardiovascular system performance and general assessment of coronary flow status. One of the problems the model of hemodynamics deals with is identifying the boundaries of the cardiac cycle phases. To identify the boundaries of the cardiac cycle phases the method of finding the extrema on the initial ECG and the differentiated ECG basing on the wavelet transform was used.


Vladimir N. Fedorov, Konstantine K. Mamberger. Wavelet transform procedure as the basis for complete automatic interpretation of the cardiac cycle phase structure; Cardiometry; No.1; November 2012; p.126-132; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2012.1.125131 Available from: http://www.cardiometry.net/issues/no1-november-2012/wavelet-transform-procedure



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