Cardiometric diagnostics and control of anti-androgenic drug adverse effects on cardiovascular system

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Original research

Cardiometric diagnostics and control of anti-androgenic drug adverse effects on cardiovascular system

Vladimir A. Zernov1*

1 Russian New University, 105005, Russia, Moscow, Radio str., 22

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Capabilities of the cardiometric diagnostics based on the heart cycle phase analysis for identifying the primary cause of a disease are considered in this paper.

Materials and methods

An anti-androgenic drug was used by a patient as prescribed for prostatitis therapy. A week later upon taking the drugs, it becomes necessary to make an additional diagnostics of the patient to complete the basic diagnostic evaluation. The reason was that upon taking the drugs there were some cases of loss of consciousnes reported by the patient. During an examination by the treating physician, it was found that there was a syndrome of cold limbs in the patient. For the purpose of the additional diagnostics, the method of the heart cycle phase analysis was applied.


The heart cycle phase analysis allowed identifying the primary cause of the patient’s health degradation and cases of loss of consciousness.


It was revealed that the primary cause was a side effect of the anti-androgenic drug that led to a decrease in the hemodynamic parameters, resulted in blood vessel failure to transport the necessary quantity of oxygen to tissues in the organism. The recommendations given upon the diagnostics were aimed at recovering the transport function of the blood vessels. By complying with the recommendations, the health status of the patient was recovered, and loss of consciousness was no longer observed.


Vladimir A. Zernov. Cardiometric diagnostics and control of anti-androgenic drug adverse effects on cardiovascular system; Cardiometry; No.1; November 2012; p.57-63; DOI:10.12710/cardiometry.2012.1.5763 Available from:


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