International Nobel Congress (The 10th International Meeting-Conference) for Nobel Prize Winners and Nobelists "Science, technology, society and Nobel movement". Tambov (Russia) October 2013

International Nobel Congress (The 10th International Meeting-Conference) for Nobel Prize Winners and Nobelists "Science, technology, society and Nobel movement". Tambov (Russia) October 2013

  • Prof. Mikhael Nobel inaugurates the new Museum in Tambov (Russia) devoted to the Nobel Dynasty
  • At the meeting
  • Memorable occasion envelop authographed by Prof. Mikhael Nobel
  • Members of e-Journal Cardiometry Editorial Board Vladimir Zernov, Mikhail Rudenko, Vyacheslav Tyutyunnik with Prof. Mikhael Nobel

At the meeting

Report by Prof. Mikhael Nobel

Place: Moscow - Tambov (Russia)

Date: 31 October, 2013

The "Science, technology, society and Nobel movement" International Nobel Congress (The Tenth International Meeting-Conference) for Nobel P rize Winners and Nobelists devoted to the 180th Anniversary of Alfred Nobel and the 25th Anniversary of the International Information Nobel Center (IINC) took place in Moscow and Tambov (Russia), on 28-31 October 2013.

The aim of the Congress is an expansion and strengt hening of cooperation between the Russian and foreign Nobelists, summing up the resul ts and defining the ways of future development of Nobelistics and Nobel movement, its integration into the world scientific & educational communities.

Official representatives of the Russian Government, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, representatives of the leading Russian and foreign scientific and educational inst itutions participated in the Congress. As honorable guest, a descendant of A. Nobel, Professor Michael Nobel (Sweden, Stockholm) took an active part in all the events of the Congress.

Hot topics in science, technologies, modern social sciences, Nobelistics and the International Nobel movement were discussed, namely:

- cryosurgery of tumours;

- issues of natural science principles application in modern medicine, including cardiology;

- information-wave therapy concept implementation u sing the special equipment;

- role of water in evolution of life on the Earth;

- physiological peculiarities of Russian and English text perception (referred to the issue of inheriting the traditions of the Nobel Laureate Pavlov I.P.);

- integrating the countries of the world into the c ommon space of social justice;

- the Nobel Prize as a phenomenon of the world cult ure and the main fields in Nobelistics research;

- activity of the Literature & Peace Nobel Prize aw arding committees and institutions;

- historical aspects of activity of The Petroleum P roduction Company Nobel Brothers, Limited, and other Nobel’s companies on the territory of Russia in the XIX-XX century;

- activity of Nobel Laureates in the field of physi cs, chemistry, physiology & medicine, literature etc. representing the most prominent scientific schools, having demonstrated the highest achievements in the world science, technolo gy, literature, politics and economics;

- issues of the Nobel movement in Russia, the Ukraine and other countries, its actual state and perspectives, capabilities for joining the efforts of the world scientific educational community for further development of the intellect of the nations and their peaceful coexistence.

Considering the Nobelistics as an integral part of the world scientific educational community which is remaining open and perceptible to the achievements of scientists from different countries throughout the world, and confi rming their adherence to the aims of providing the innovative progress of science, the p riority development of producing the knowledge and new technologies, the participants of the Nobel Congress appeal to the world scientific educational community for a consolidation of their efforts in further development of the international cooperation in the area of science, technology, society and the Nobel movement.

For more details, please visit site International Information Nobel Center or Tambov branch of Russian New University.

Organizing Committee


The books presented further herein are published under the auspices of “The Fund of Outstanding Scientific Discoveries”. The books offer detailed descriptions of theory and practice of the latest scientific discoveries in the field of Physiology and Medicine, which have found a wide application and which make human life better.
Published in 2020. Cardiometry. Fundamentals of Theory and Practice
ISBN 978-5-86746-108-4
A detailed description of the theory is given and the most important criteria for cardiometric diagnostics are presented herein.

Published in 2020. The performance of the cardiovascular system in athletes. Cardiometric characteristics of physical capabilities in athletes’ performance before their sporting activities, in their sporting activities and upon ceasing them.
ISBN 978-5-86746-123-8
This is the first book defining the healthy heart. You can find everything to understand your own physical capabilities.

Published in 2007. Theoretical Principles of Heart Cycle Phase Analysis
ISBN 978-5-86746-125-4 (Russian version)
ISBN 978-3-937909-57-8 (English version)
The book deals with a new fundamental science: cardiometry, which becomes very popular due to its practical applicability.

Published in 2017. Leaflet: The one and only case in history of modern civilization: creating CARDIOMETRY, a new fundamental science. It’s a popular science essay to outline the discovery and the discoverers thereof.

Published in 2019. The paper by Russian mathematicians S.Chefranov and A.Chefranov is devoted to the new analytical solution of the 3D Navier-Stokes equation for compressible medium to clarify the sixth Millennium Prize problem.

Published in 2011. High-accuracy non-invasive measuring of main hemodynamics parameters.
ISBN 978-3-8465-1951-6
The book deals with some new approaches to solutions concerning introduction of a new point on ECG: it’s point L.

Published in 2012. The Cardiovascular System. Physiology, Diagnostics and Clinical Implications.
ISBN 978-953-51-0534-3
You can find four chapters written by the Cardiometry theory originators. One of the chapters treats a problem of measuring AP with a blood pressure cuff and describes the history of the fundamental scientific discovery.

Published in 2016. The Siege of Leningrad. Discoveries in Biology and Medicine.
ISBN 978-5-86746-126-2
The book presents unique data on Physiology in human individuals recorded under the siege of Leningrad during the World War II 1941-1945.

Released in 2004
Certificate of Discovery Registration issued in 1976
Periodic system of human organism states.
ISBN 5-86766-043-6
The periodic system table offers in detail the relevant characteristics of all the five adaptational reactions in a human organism: stress, reaction of training, reactions of calm and elevated activation and over-activation.

Published in 2006. Activation Therapy.
ISBN 5-7507-0179-4
The book provides for a detailed description of all the five adaptational reactions in a human organism: stress, reaction of training, reactions of calm and elevated activation and over-activation. It’s a New Age in health care. The only way to achieve effectiveness in medical treatment is to use the knowledge of the adaptational reactions in a human organism.
Medical equipment designed on the basis of the above mentioned fundamental discoveries
Diagnostics equipment for cardiology: PC-assisted device CARDIOCODE, designed and developed on the basis of the cardiometric technology. It’s an exclusive device capable of delivering unique data within 1 minute for the most accurate cardiovascular system diagnostics.

Unique effective pain- relief and treatment with the use of low-intensity electromagnetic field having some specific ECG wave frequencies: device Ezh-2 (Energy of Life -2). It’s the most efficient and powerful instrument for improvement of the immune system performance. Upon completion of five therapy sessions, the immune system demonstrates a three- or four-fold higher level in its performance.


Founders of a new fundamental science: Cardiometry


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