Arnold Foote and Arne Veidung are RosNOU Honorary Professors

Arnold Foote and Arne Veidung are RosNOU Honorary Professors

A meeting of the Academic Council of Russian New University (RosNOU) was held on September 1, 2015.

At the meeting, Michael Nobel, President of the Nobel Family Association and Honorary Professor at RosNOU made his speech.

The Academic Council adopted its resolution to give the Honorary Professor Degree of RosNOU to Mr.Arnold Foote, President of the Arnold Foote Foundation, and Mr.Arne Veidung, the founder of the World Medical Card AS.

Thus, now there are 6 Honorary Professors in Russian New University: Michael Nobel, Alexey Leonov, Alexander Sukharev, Jan Sadlak, Arnold Foote and Arne Veidung.

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